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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

1978 Volume 9, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. On Some Aspects of Pedagogy in Applied Mathematics

    Bharati Banerjee & D K. Sinha

    This paper, after analyzing the meaning of "applied mathematics," seeks to explore and set forth some broad outlines of the pedagogical implications of studies in the application of mathematics. ... More

    pp. 261-65

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  2. On the Relevance of the History of Mathematics to Mathematical Education


    This paper discusses the possible uses which can be made of the history of mathematics in mathematical education. It contains a description of a lecture course for teachers in the history of... More

    pp. 275-85

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  3. Mathematical Magnitude

    Joseph Griffin

    Addition, multiplication, and exponentiation form the beginning of a natural hierarchy of binary operations on the positive integers. By employing operations above exponentiation in this hierarchy,... More

    pp. 329-31

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  4. On Stochastic Models for Educational Planning

    P I. Uche

    Mathematical modeling has gained prominence as a means of improving educational planning. One often-used model is the Markovian Model. It is shown that education, being hierarchical, is amenable to... More

    pp. 333-42

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  5. Functional Equations in the Secondary School: Some Ideas for the Teacher

    Shmuel Avital & Haragauri N. Gupta

    In order to solve a functional equation, one must identify possible functions that satisfy a given equation. This paper seeks to convince the reader that students in high school could be exposed... More

    pp. 349-54

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