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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

1977 Volume 8, Number 2

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Teaching Mathematics to Civil Engineers

    J J. Sharp & E Moore

    This paper outlines a technique for teaching a rigorous course in calculus and differential equations which stresses applicability of the mathematics to problems in civil engineering. The method... More

    pp. 127-131

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  2. The Computer-Assisted Learning (CAL) Project in Mathematics at the University of Glasgow

    D W. Daly

    This paper describes the nature and use of a computer-assisted sequence of instruction in college-level mathematics. Units in differential and integral calculus and geometry are described. The... More

    pp. 145-156

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  3. A General Concept Internalization Model Exemplified by the Long Division Algorithm

    T H. MacDonald

    The author develops a four-stage model for concept-internalization. The stages are: (1) concrete structure; (2) linguistic structure; (3) algorithm; and (4) mastery. The model is related to... More

    pp. 157-166

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  4. A Report on the Introduction of a Multiple Choice Examination for a First Year University Engineering Mathematics Course

    T R. Faulkner

    This paper describes the introduction of a multiple-choice test into the existing framework of examinations at the University of Nottingham. The examination papers and administrative techniques are... More

    pp. 167-174

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  5. Why Teach Mathematics?

    Sean McNelis & Jas A. Dunn

    This paper addresses three approaches to addressing the question "why teach mathematics?" Historical documents are reviewed in this light and recurring aims are summarized. (SD) More

    pp. 175-184

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  6. Proof

    S R. Searle

    The author argues that understanding of the logic of proof is important to all students of mathematics. Students in the applied sciences sometimes have difficulty understanding proof or its... More

    pp. 185-192

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  7. A Teaching System Using Fuzzy Subsets and Multicriteria Analysis

    Th Dubois

    The newly developed mathematical theory of fuzzy subsets can be applied to educational research and the development of systems for the management of instruction. (SD) More

    pp. 203-217

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  8. Description and Assessment of Different Methods of Teaching Engineering Students Mathematics

    D Macnab

    Two methods of teaching mathematics to engineering students were investigated. The first used tutorials, written materials, and lectures, while the second used computer exercises instead of... More

    pp. 219-228

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  9. Reliability of Mathematics Multi-Choice Tests

    L H. Colgan

    Multiple-choice mathematics tests and other measures of achievement in a mathematics course for engineering students were compared. Although the results were highly correlated, there were some... More

    pp. 237-244

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  10. A Note on Curve Stitching without Thread

    J Gilder

    Ploynomials which can be used to calculate the number of ways of coloring hexagonal patterns are presented. (SD) More

    pp. 245-0

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