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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

1976 Volume 7, Number 3

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Why Teach Mathematics to Most Children?

    Geoffrey Matthews

    The author argues that many who speak to the issues of elementary-school mathematics are not aware of the real problems. The clear objective of the teacher of young children is to provide them with... More

    pp. 253-255

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  2. Relationships Between Variables in Learning and Modes of Presenting Mathematics Concepts

    M K. Abkemeier & F H. Bell

    Students were measured on eleven aptitudes from Guilford's structure-of-intellect cube, and randomly assigned to symbolic or figural instructional modes for a unit on functions. Achievement was... More

    pp. 257-270

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  3. The Vector Product on a Firm Foundation

    J Heading

    Instructional approaches to vectors in n-space are discussed. (SD) More

    pp. 277-285

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  4. Proposal for a Course on the Nature of Mathematical Thinking

    J N. Kapur

    A course on the nature of mathematics and mathematical thinking is proposed for use in Indian secondary schools. Topics to be included are discussed. (SD) More

    pp. 287-296

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  5. Mastery of Simple Probability Ideas Among G.C.E. Ordinary Level Mathematics Candidates

    R Wood & M Brown

    Questions concerning probability which appeared on the General Certificate of Education test are analyzed in terms of the processes required to answer them. The relationships between these... More

    pp. 297-306

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  6. The Algorithms of Euclid and Jacobi

    R W. Johnson & M S. Waterman

    In a thesis written for the Doctor of Arts in Mathematics, the connection between Euclid's algorithm and continued fractions is developed and extended to n dimensions. Applications to computer... More

    pp. 307-313

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  7. Mathematics, Social Decisions and the Law

    Kurt Kreith

    The application of mathematics, especially probability theory to law and social decision theory, is discussed. (SD) More

    pp. 315-330

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  8. Communication Techniques in University Science Teaching in Africa

    S I. Emenalo

    Strategies for organizing and instructing science classes are discussed. Recommendations for African universities are made. (SD) More

    pp. 331-336

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  9. Social Mathematics

    Rodney T. Hansen & Shmuel Avital

    This paper discusses several applications of combinational mathematics to social situations and problems in the social sciences. (SD) More

    pp. 337-347

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  10. Mathematical Education for Engineers. Part II. Towards Possible Solutions

    A C. Bajpai

    This article discusses possible approaches to the integration of mathematics courses with other courses for engineers. (SD) More

    pp. 349-364

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