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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

1975 Volume 6, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Smith and Jones: Children's Thinking about some Problems Involving Displacement Along the Number-Line

    Mary J. Galbraith

    Hypothesizing that subtraction of (negative) integers requires formal operations, the author describes a study of children's understanding of related concepts. The study involves the use of... More

    pp. 287-302

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  2. Tests of Creativity in Mathematics

    James A. Dunn

    Research related to two uses of tests of creativity in mathematics is reviewed. The use of tests to predict creativity is discussed, as well as testing to determine the outcomes of discovery... More

    pp. 327-332

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  3. The Attitudinal Effect of Using the Computer in an Elementary Statistics Course

    Frank M. Pavlick

    The use of stored programs for solving statistical problems was introduced into a statistics course. Contrary to expectation the students did not enjoy the course more. They did become more aware... More

    pp. 353-360

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  4. Mathematical Education of Engineers, Part I. A Critical Appraisal

    A C. Bajpai

    After critically analyzing the mathematics education of engineering students, the author proposes a new approach which meets some of his objections to current practices. The article is to be... More

    pp. 361-380

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