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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

2014 Volume 45, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Student Perceptions of Writing Projects in a University Differential-Equations Course

    Christine Latulippe & Joe Latulippe

    This qualitative study surveyed 102 differential-equations students in order to investigate how students participating in writing projects in university-level mathematics courses perceive the... More

    pp. 1-11

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  2. Factors Associated with Middle-School Mathematics Achievement in Greece: The Case of Algebra

    A S. Skouras

    This study presents a subset of factors and their association with students' achievement in school algebra. The participants were students who had enrolled in 2007 at the ninth year of Greek... More

    pp. 12-34

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  3. Adaptation and Extension of the Framework of Reducing Abstraction in the Case of Differential Equations

    Debasree Raychaudhuri

    Although there is no consensus in regard to a unique meaning for abstraction, there is a recognition of the existence of several theories of abstraction, and that the ability to abstract is... More

    pp. 35-57

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  4. University Students' Perspectives on Diagnostic Testing in Mathematics

    Eabhnat Ní Fhloinn, Ciarán Macan Bhaird & Brien Nolan

    Many universities issue mathematical diagnostic tests to incoming first-year students, covering a range of the basic concepts with which they should be comfortable from secondary school. As far as ... More

    pp. 58-74

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  5. Using Toulmin Analysis to Analyse an Instructor's Proof Presentation in Abstract Algebra

    Timothy Fukawa-Connelly

    This paper provides a method for analysing undergraduate teaching of proof-based courses using Toulmin's model (1969) of argumentation. It presents a case study of one instructor's... More

    pp. 75-88

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  6. Mathematics Majors' Beliefs about Proof Reading

    Keith Weber & Juan Pablo Mejia-Ramos

    We argue that mathematics majors learn little from the proofs they read in their advanced mathematics courses because these students and their teachers have different perceptions about students... More

    pp. 89-103

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