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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

October 2009 Volume 40, Number 7

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Number of articles: 12

  1. Mathematics in a Dynamic University Mathematics Department--A Focus on Undergraduate Mathematics Education

    Eric Muller

    In this article we explore aspects of a dynamic university mathematics department and focus on its undergraduate mathematics programmes. We propose that such a department is vital, exhibits a... More

    pp. 851-863

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  2. Are Australian Universities Promoting Learning and Teaching Activity Effectively? An Assessment of the Effects on Science and Engineering Academics

    Patricia Cretchley

    The Australian Federal Government and Australian universities have embarked on a bid to raise the profile of learning and teaching (L&T) in universities. Current strategies include increased... More

    pp. 865-875

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  3. A Comparison of Teacher and Lecturer Perspectives on the Transition from Secondary to Tertiary Mathematics Education

    Ye Yoon Hong, Suzanne Kerr, Sergiy Klymchuk, Johanna McHardy, Priscilla Murphy, Sue Spencer, Michael O. J. Thomas & Peter Watson

    The transition from school to tertiary study of mathematics comes under increasing scrutiny in research. This article reports on some findings from a project analysing the transition from secondary... More

    pp. 877-889

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  4. Putting It into Perspective: Mathematics in the Undergraduate Science Curriculum

    Kelly E. Matthews, Peter Adams & Merrilyn Goos

    Mathematics and science are tightly interwoven, yet they are often treated as distinct disciplines in the educational context. This study details the development, implementation and outcomes of a... More

    pp. 891-902

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  5. A Case Study Approach to Increasing Teachers' Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching and Strategies for Building Students' Maths Self-Efficacy

    T Stevens, G Harris, Z Aguirre-Munoz & L Cobbs

    Teachers of middle school mathematics should have a deep conceptual understanding of the elementary mathematics taught in middle school, should possess the mathematics knowledge for teaching that... More

    pp. 903-914

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  6. Mathematics and Language: Issues among Bilingual Arabs in English Medium Universities

    Balarabe Yushau

    This article is an attempt to highlight the language situation of bilingual Arab university students who are acquiring English as a second language, and at the same time learning mathematics in the... More

    pp. 915-926

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  7. Undergraduate Students' Preference for Procedural to Conceptual Solutions to Mathematical Problems

    Johann Engelbrecht, Christer Bergsten & Owe Kagesten

    This article reports on a collaboration project between South Africa and Sweden, in which we want to investigate whether the emphasis in undergraduate mathematics courses for engineering students... More

    pp. 927-940

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  8. Syntactic and Semantic Reasoning in Mathematics Teaching and Learning

    David Easdown

    This article discusses a variety of examples in errors in mathematical reasoning, the source of which is due to the tension between the syntax (form of mathematical expression) and semantics ... More

    pp. 941-949

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  9. A Framework for Mathematical Thinking: The Case of Linear Algebra

    Sepideh Stewart & Michael O. J. Thomas

    Linear algebra is one of the unavoidable advanced courses that many mathematics students encounter at university level. The research reported here was part of the first author's recent PhD study,... More

    pp. 951-961

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  10. Linear Algebra Revisited: An Attempt to Understand Students' Conceptual Difficulties

    Sandra Britton & Jenny Henderson

    This article looks at some of the conceptual difficulties that students have in a linear algebra course. An overview of previous research in this area is given, and the various theories that have... More

    pp. 963-974

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  11. Using Maple to Implement eLearning Integrated with Computer Aided Assessment

    Bill Blyth & Aleksandra Labovic

    Advanced mathematics courses have been developed and refined by the first author, using an action research methodology, for more than a decade. These courses use the computer algebra system (CAS)... More

    pp. 975-988

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  12. Sibling Curves 3: Imaginary Siblings and Tracing Complex Roots

    Ansie Harding & Johann Engelbrecht

    Visualizing complex roots of a quadratic equation has been a quest since the inception of the Argand plane in the 1800s. Many algebraic and numerical methods exist for calculating complex roots of ... More

    pp. 989-996

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