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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

April 2009 Volume 40, Number 3

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Number of articles: 12

  1. Students' Experiences with Mathematics Teaching and Learning: Listening to Unheard Voices

    Dumma C. Mapolelo

    This study documents students' views about the nature of mathematics, the mathematics learning process and factors within the classroom that are perceived to impact upon the learning of mathematics... More

    pp. 309-322

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  2. The Performance of Undergraduate Students in the Limit Concept

    Nezahat Cetin

    In this work, we investigated first-year university students' skills in using the limit concept. They were expected to understand the relationship between the limit-value of a function at a point... More

    pp. 323-330

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  3. Students Discovering Spherical Geometry Using Dynamic Geometry Software

    Bulent Guven & Ilhan Karatas

    Dynamic geometry software (DGS) such as Cabri and Geometers' Sketchpad has been regularly used worldwide for teaching and learning Euclidean geometry for a long time. The DGS with its inductive... More

    pp. 331-340

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  4. The Problem of the Pyramid or Egyptian Mathematics from a Postmodern Perspective

    Paul M. E. Shutler

    We consider Egyptian mathematics from a postmodern perspective, by which we mean suspending judgement as to strict correctness in order to appreciate the genuine mathematical insights which they... More

    pp. 341-352

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  5. The Legacy of Leonhard Euler--A Tricentennial Tribute

    Lokenath Debnath

    This tricentennial tribute commemorates Euler's major contributions to mathematical and physical sciences. A brief biographical sketch is presented with his major contributions to certain selected ... More

    pp. 353-388

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  6. Effect of Personalization of Instruction on Students' Achievement and Self-Efficacy in Mathematics Word Problems

    Mojeed K. Akinsola & Adeneye O. A. Awofala

    This study investigated the effect of personalized print-based instruction on the achievement and self-efficacy regarding mathematics word problems of 320 senior secondary students in Nigeria. The ... More

    pp. 389-404

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  7. On Row Rank Equal Column Rank

    Parviz Khalili

    We will prove a well-known theorem in Linear Algebra, that is, for any "m x n" matrix the dimension of row space and column space are the same. The proof is based on the subject of "elementary... More

    pp. 405-407

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  8. Extraction of Roots of Quintics by Division Method

    Raghavendra G. Kulkarni

    We describe a method to extract roots of a reducible quintic over the real field, which makes use of a simple division. A procedure to synthesize such quintics is given and a numerical example is... More

    pp. 407-410

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  9. Plane Transformations in a Complex Setting III: Similarities

    Thierry Dana-Picard

    This is the third part of a study of plane transformations described in a complex setting. After the study of homotheties, translations, rotations and reflections, we proceed now to the study of... More

    pp. 411-423

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  10. Constructing Easily Iterated Functions with Interesting Properties

    David J. Sprows

    A number of schools have recently introduced new courses dealing with various aspects of iteration theory or at least have found ways of including topics such as chaos and fractals in existing... More

    pp. 423-427

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  11. Applications of a Sequence of Points in Teaching Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods and Discrete Mathematics

    Yixun Shi

    Based on a sequence of points and a particular linear transformation generalized from this sequence, two recent papers (E. Mauch and Y. Shi, "Using a sequence of number pairs as an example in... More

    pp. 427-434

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  12. An Alternative Method for Computing Mean and Covariance Matrix of Some Multivariate Distributions

    R Radhakrishnan & Askar Choudhury

    Computing the mean and covariance matrix of some multivariate distributions, in particular, multivariate normal distribution and Wishart distribution are considered in this article. It involves a... More

    pp. 434-440

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