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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

January 2009 Volume 40, Number 2

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Number of articles: 13

  1. Mathematics Textbooks and Their Potential Role in Supporting Misconceptions

    Ann Kajander & Miroslav Lovric

    As a fundamental resource, textbooks shape the way we teach and learn mathematics. Based on examination of secondary school and university textbooks, we describe to what extent, and how, the... More

    pp. 173-181

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  2. Using Components of Mathematical Ability for Initial Development and Identification of Mathematically Promising Students

    T Vilkomir & J O'Donoghue

    Kruteskii's work on the mathematical abilities of school children is a seminal work on the nature of mathematical ability. However, the task of developing methods for the practical application of... More

    pp. 183-199

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  3. Conceptual and Procedural Performance of Undergraduate Students in Integration

    Nevin Mahir

    We investigate the conceptual and procedural knowledge in integration of a group of students who has successfully completed a one-year calculus course. The participants are asked five questions and... More

    pp. 201-211

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  4. Mathematically Gifted and Talented Learners: Theory and Practice

    Valsa Koshy, Paul Ernest & Ron Casey

    There is growing recognition of the special needs of mathematically gifted learners. This article reviews policy developments and current research and theory on giftedness in mathematics. It... More

    pp. 213-228

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  5. An Investigation of the Mathematical Literacy of First Year Third-Level Students in the Republic of Ireland

    Sinead Breen, Joan Cleary & Ann O'Shea

    This article reports on a study carried out to measure the mathematical literacy of a selection of students entering third-level education in Ireland. The study investigates how such students... More

    pp. 229-246

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  6. Developing Science and Math Integrated Activities for Middle School Students

    Sonya Ellouise Sherrod, Jerry Dwyer & Ratna Narayan

    This article reports the development and refinement of science and mathematics integrated activities for middle school students. The expectations of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics ... More

    pp. 247-257

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  7. Modelling and Inverse-Modelling: Experiences with O.D.E. Linear Systems in Engineering Courses

    Victor Martinez-Luaces

    In engineering careers courses, differential equations are widely used to solve problems concerned with modelling. In particular, ordinary differential equations (O.D.E.) linear systems appear... More

    pp. 259-268

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  8. A Zero Property for Integrals

    Raghib M. Abu-Saris

    In this note, we show that if the integral of a continuous function, h, vanishes over an interval [a, b], then so does the integral of w(x)h(x) over [a, c] for some c in (a, b), where w is a... More

    pp. 269-271

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  9. Pareto 80/20 Law: Derivation via Random Partitioning

    Stan Lipovetsky

    The Pareto 80/20 Rule, also known as the Pareto principle or law, states that a small number of causes (20%) is responsible for a large percentage (80%) of the effect. Although widely recognized as... More

    pp. 271-277

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  10. Visualizing the Chain Rule (for Functions over R and C) and More

    Rick Kreminski

    A visual approach to understanding the chain rule and related derivative formulae, for functions from R to R and from C to C, is presented. This apparently novel approach has been successfully used... More

    pp. 277-287

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  11. A Note on Variance Components Model

    Anant M. Kshirsagar & R Radhakrishnan

    In a balanced design (i.e. a design in which all cells have the same number of observations), if the effects in the linear model are random and normally distributed, the distribution of the ratio... More

    pp. 287-289

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  12. On Some Infinite Sums of Iterated Radicals

    Javier Peralta

    The general purpose of this article is to shed some light on the understanding of real numbers, particularly with regard to two issues: the real number as the limit of a sequence of rational... More

    pp. 290-300

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  13. Infinite Sums of M-Bonacci Numbers

    Muniru A. A-iru

    In this note, we construct infinite series using M-bonacci numbers in a manner similar to that used in previous studies and investigate the convergence of the series to an integer. Our results... More

    pp. 300-306

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