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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

Nov 01, 2004 Volume 35, Number 6

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Number of articles: 14

  1. Consistencies and Inconsistencies in Students' Solutions to Algebraic 'Single-Value' Inequalities

    Pessia Tsamir & Luciana Bazzini

    This paper describes students' solutions to a commonly taught and not commonly taught inequality. The findings showed students' difficulties. Participants implicitly and explicitly exhibited two... More

    pp. 793-812

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  2. How to Present It? On the Rhetoric of an Outstanding Lecturer

    Nitsa Movshovitz-Hadar & Orit Hazzan

    This paper analyses a lecture by an excellent teaching award winner professor of mathematics, given to high school mathematics teachers. The analysis is based upon two sources: (i) the lecture plan... More

    pp. 813-827

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  3. Theoretical Branches in Teaching Computer Science

    Hashim Habiballa & Tibor Kmet

    The present paper describes an educational experiment dealing with teaching the theory of formal languages and automata as well as their application concepts. It presents a practical application of... More

    pp. 829-841

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  4. The Structuring of Initial Descriptions or Demonstrations in the Teaching of Procedures

    Malcolm G. Eley & Pam Norton

    Scenarios in which a teacher provides the student with an initial description or demonstration of some procedure to be learned are common in many science and technology fields. Structuring such... More

    pp. 843-866

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  5. Nascent Function Concepts in Nova Scientia

    C W. Groetsch

    The origin of the function concept is usually traced to Galileo's work on motion. We argue that specific proto-function concepts appeared in the work of Tartaglia a century before the publication... More

    pp. 867-875

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  6. Modelling, Simulation, Animation, and Real-Time Control (Mosart) for a Class of Electromechanical Systems: A System-Theoretic Approach

    Armando A. Rodriguez, Richard P. Metzger, Oguzhan Cifdaloz, Thanate Dhirasakdanon & Bruno Welfert

    This paper describes an interactive modelling, simulation, animation, and real-time control (MoSART) environment for a class of 'cart-pendulum' electromechanical systems that may be used to enhance... More

    pp. 877-896

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  7. On the Sum of Certain Convergent Series Associated with the Beta Function

    James N. Nnadi

    This classroom note includes the following sections: Introduction; The General Case; and Related Formulas. More

    pp. 897-902

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  8. An Application of the Kronecker Product in the Theory of Differential Systems

    Allan Sandqvist & Kurt Munk Andersen

    The following note contains the following sections: Introduction; The Kronecker Product and Some Formulae; and Proof of Formula. It discusses in detail the Kronecker product and how it relates to... More

    pp. 902-906

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  9. Application of Vectors to Relative Velocity

    Toh Tin-Lam

    The topic 'relative velocity' has recently been introduced into the Cambridge Ordinary Level Additional Mathematics syllabus under the application of Vectors. In this note, the results of relative ... More

    pp. 906-912

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  10. One Approach to Explore a Range of Problem Solving Strategies in the Classroom

    Elizabeth Mauch & Yixun Shi

    This note discusses a possible method for teaching an example of problem solving to intermediate grade students. Under the guidance of the instructor, students may see the links between the ... More

    pp. 912-917

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  11. Cumulant-Moment Relations through Determinants

    D S. Broca

    The traditional approach to expressing cumulants in terms of moments is by expansion of the cumulant generating function which is represented as an embedded power series of the moments. The moments... More

    pp. 917-921

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  12. Building Higher-Order Markov Chain Models with EXCEL

    Wai-Ki Ching, Eric S. Fung & Michael K. Ng

    Categorical data sequences occur in many applications such as forecasting, data mining and bioinformatics. In this note, we present higher-order Markov chain models for modelling categorical data... More

    pp. 921-932

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  13. Analysis of Quadratic Diophantine Equations with Fibonacci Number Solutions

    J V. Leyendekkers & A G. Shannon

    An analysis is made of the role of Fibonacci numbers in some quadratic Diophantine equations. A general solution is obtained for finding factors in sums of Fibonacci numbers. Interpretation of the ... More

    pp. 932-936

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  14. On Flett's Mean Value Theorem

    Jingcheng Tong

    This article discusses the mean value theorem and its importance to calculus. It focuses on Flett's mean value theorem. It includes five theorems with proofs and two examples. More

    pp. 936-941

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