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Educational Technology

1969 Volume 9, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 13

  1. U.S. Office of Education Support of Computer Activities

    Andrew R. Molnar & Beverly Sherman

    pp. 5-9

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  2. Instructional Development in Higher Education: Basic Premises of a Learner Centered Approach

    Eldon J. Ullmer

    pp. 10-16

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  3. Team Research in Education

    Dwight W. Allen

    pp. 17-21

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  4. The Systems Approach to Education: Mystique and Reality

    Launor F. Carter

    Adaptation of speech given before Division D of the American Educational Research Association (Los Angeles, Calif., February 6, 1969). More

    pp. 22-31

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  5. A Review of Developments in Computer Assisted Instruction

    John F. Feldhusen & Michael Szabo

    pp. 32-40

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  6. Getting with Instructional Systems and Getting Instructional Systems with It

    Noel F. McInnis

    pp. 40-3

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  7. The Use of a Common Experiential Referent in Instructional System Design

    Lawrence T. Alexander & Stephen L. Yelon

    pp. 44-6

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  8. Computers in Education At Florida State University

    Duncan Hansen

    pp. 47-8

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  9. Planning Communications Facilities

    Hubert Wilke

    pp. 49-50

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  10. A Basic Difference Between Educational and Training Systems

    Robert Fromer

    pp. 51-2

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  11. Empirical Evaluation of Instructional Materials in the Affective Area

    Gene E. Rooze

    pp. 53-6

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  12. Behavioral Objectives: A Selected Bibliography

    Richard W. Burns

    pp. 57-8

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  13. The Proposed Educational Technology Act of 1969

    pp. 59-66

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