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Educational Technology

1969 Volume 9, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 15

  1. Counseling Technology: A Needed Conceptualization

    John Vriend

    pp. 9-14

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  2. Counseling as a Technology for Facilitating and Guiding Change in Human Systems

    Donald H. Blocher

    pp. 15-8

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  3. Toward a Comprehensive Framework Unifying All Systems of Counseling

    H Jon Geis

    pp. 19-28

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  4. The Computer in Counseling and Guidance Programs

    Martin J. Bohn & Donald E. Super

    pp. 29-31

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  5. Computers as Substitute Counselors

    John W. Loughary & Murray Tondow

    pp. 33-6

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  6. Exploration with a Computer Assisted Occupational Information System

    Joseph T. Impellitteri

    pp. 37-38

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  7. The Rochester Career Guidance Project

    David B. Youst

    pp. 39-41

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  8. Vocational Planning and Career Behavior, A Report on the Developmental Career Guidance Project

    George E. Leonard

    pp. 42-6

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  9. Experiencing Work Almost Like It Is

    John D. Krumboltz & Bruce Bergland

    pp. 47-9

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  10. The Peer Influence Model in Counseling

    Thelma Jones Vriend

    pp. 50-1

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  11. Elementary School Counselor Preparation: A Model

    William H. Van Hoose

    pp. 52-4

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  12. Toward the Application of Systems Analysis to Counselor Education

    Stephen L. Yelon

    pp. 55-60

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  13. The Counselor in a Systems Network

    Arthur W. Jalkanen

    pp. 61-3

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  14. Developing Guidance Services in an Exploding Suburbia

    Elizabeth L. Van Dalsem

    pp. 64-7

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  15. A Large Urban School District Moves Toward Updating Its Guidance and Counseling Services

    Joseph Messana

    pp. 68-71

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