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Educational Technology

2015 Volume 55, Number 5

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Digital Games as Educational Technology: Promise and Challenges in the Use of Games to Teach

    Sigmund Tobias, J Dexter Fletcher & Fei Chen

    Digital games were reviewed as an emerging tool in educational technology. Factors such as instructional effectiveness, time on task, relationship to curricula, student socio-economic status,... More

    pp. 3-12

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  2. Evaluating Instructional Design Models: A Proposed Research Approach

    George L. Gropper

    Proliferation of prescriptive models in an "engineering" field is not a sign of its maturity. Quite the opposite. Materials engineering, for example, meets the criterion of parsimony.... More

    pp. 13-20

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  3. Institutionalization of Teaching and Learning Gains in Higher Education

    John Nworie

    While successful instructional innovation is the result of efforts of individual faculty and instructional support staff, it is also influenced by institutional and contextual factors that include ... More

    pp. 21-28

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  4. Remembering the Past in Researching for the Future: Diagnosis and Treatment of Social Amnesia in the Educational Technology Community

    Alexander Romiszowski & Nick Rushby

    The theme of this article is that educational technologists are particularly bad at remembering the lessons from the past. We fail to remember what went before--whether the projects were successes ... More

    pp. 29-34

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  5. Intentionality and Wisdom in Language, Information, and Technology

    Lin Lin, Haj Ross, Brian O'Connor & J Michael Spector

    An interdisciplinary approach from linguistics, information sciences, learning sciences, and educational technology is used to explore the concept of information. Several key issues are highlighted... More

    pp. 35-39

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  6. Concept-Mapping Tools and the Development of Students' Critical-Thinking Skills

    Sheng-Shiang Tseng

    Developing students' critical-thinking skills has recently received attention at all levels of education. This article proposes the use of concept-mapping tools to improve students' critical... More

    pp. 39-43

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  7. Educational Technology Research Journals: "Interactive Learning Environments," 2004-2013

    Steven S. Christensen, Carolyn Andrews, Scott P. Harris, Adam Lloyd, Chad Turley & Richard E. West

    This study examined the journal "Interactive Learning Environments" to discover trends from 2004-2013. The authors looked at trends in article topics, research methods, authorship,... More

    pp. 43-48

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  8. Q & A with Ed Tech Leaders: Interview with Curt Bonk & Elaine Khoo

    Michael F. Shaughnessy & Mark Viner

    In this regular feature of "Educational Technology," Michael F. Shaughnessy and Mark Viner present their interview with Curt Bonk, Professor of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana... More

    pp. 48-51

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  9. Q & A with Ed Tech Leaders: Interview with Robert Talbert

    Michael F. Shaughnessy & Juchao Yan

    In this regular feature of "Educational Technology," Michael F. Shaughnessy and Juchao Yan present their interview with Robert Talbert, Associate Professor, Mathematics Department, Grand ... More

    pp. 60-62

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