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Educational Technology

2015 Volume 55, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Inclusive Instructional Design: Creating a "Learner" Version of Instructional Design That Fosters Active Learner Engagement

    George L. Gropper

    The author notes: "A personal anecdote is an apt opening to this article. An assignment I once had called for assessing texts in a pre-med curriculum. In reviewing a calculus text, a subject... More

    pp. 3-13

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  2. Are We Ready for the Bachelor's Degree in Educational Technology? Perceptions from the Field and a Proposal

    Albert D. Ritzhaupt & YoungJu Kang

    Some in the field of educational technology have called for offering bachelor's degrees. Unfortunately, the literature base only provides guidance on designing, developing, and delivering master's ... More

    pp. 14-22

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  3. Evaluating Vocational Educators' Training Programs: A Kirkpatrick-Inspired Evaluation Model

    Fabrizio Ravicchio & Guglielmo Trentin

    The aim of the article is to describe the assessment model adopted by the SCINTILLA Project, a project in Italy aimed at the online vocational training of young, seriously-disabled subjects and... More

    pp. 22-28

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  4. Makerspaces: The Next Iteration for Educational Technology in K-12 Schools

    Jesse Strycker

    With the continually growing number of computers and mobile devices available in K-12 schools, the need is dwindling for dedicated computer labs and media centers. Some schools are starting to... More

    pp. 28-32

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  5. Using Appropriate Digital Tools to Overcome Barriers to Collaborative Learning in Classrooms

    Liane Wardlow & Eian Harm

    Collaborative learning provides students with vital opportunities to create and build knowledge. Existing technologies can facilitate collaborative learning. However, barriers exist to enacting... More

    pp. 32-35

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  6. Educational Technology Research Journals: "International Journal of Technology and Design Education", 2005-2014

    James M. Christensen, Brian Jones, Jessica Rose Cooper, Laura McAllister, Mark B. Ware & Richard E. West

    This study examines the trends of the "International Journal of Technology and Design Education" over the past decade (2005-2014). The researchers looked at trends in article topics,... More

    pp. 36-42

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  7. Q & A with Ed Tech Leaders: Interview with Bryant Griffith

    Michael F. Shaughnessy

    Bryant Griffith is a Regents Professor at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Director of the Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral Program. Previously, he was Professor and Director of the... More

    pp. 42-49

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  8. Q & A with Ed Tech Leaders: Interview with J. Michael Spector

    Michael F. Shaughnessy & Susan M. Fulgham

    J. Michael Spector's academic preparation was in philosophy--epistemology and logic, primarily. His dissertation was on skepticism in modern philosophy, and that led him to a deep-seated... More

    pp. 60-63

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