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Educational Technology

1994 Volume 34, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 9

  1. Lecturing Technology: A Future with Hypermedia

    Jennifer Lennon & Hermann Maurer

    Examines methods of lecturing in the past, including blackboards, whiteboards, flip charts, and overhead transparencies; discusses the increasing use of computer technology and specifications for... More

    pp. 5-14

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  2. Developing and Using the National Information Infrastructure

    Jeremy Galbreath & Ralph J. Andreotta

    Discusses the National Information Infrastructure (NII) and its ramifications for educational institutions and the global marketplace. Highlights include components of the NII, including computer... More

    pp. 15-20

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  3. Dynamic Visual Displays in Media-Based Instruction

    Ok-choon Park

    Defines instructional roles of dynamic visual displays (DVDs), including animation and interactive video, and provides guidelines for using them in media-based instruction. Topics addressed include... More

    pp. 21-25

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  4. Development and Validation of Models in Instructional Design

    Anthony S. Bagdonis & David F. Salisbury

    Provides an overview of the use of models in instructional design. Highlights include a definition of the term model; types of models, including conceptual, procedural, mathematical, and... More

    pp. 26-32

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  5. Multiplicity of Media: Changing Paradigms for Working and Learning in Multimedia Environments

    Brockenbrough S. Allen

    Discusses multimedia design and the shift in models from computer-assisted instruction and audiovisual learning to multimedia environments and computer-based learning environments. Topics addressed... More

    pp. 33-34

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  6. Thinking Technology: Toward a Constructivist Design Model

    David H. Jonassen

    Discussion of constructivism and instructional design focuses on the development of a design model for constructivist environments that supports the construction of knowledge, a meaningful context ... More

    pp. 34-37

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  7. Interactive Educational Multimedia: Coping with the Need for Increasing Data Storage

    Yogesh Malhotra & Ranel E. Erickson

    Discusses the storage requirements for data forms used in interactive multimedia education and presently available storage devices. Highlights include characteristics of educational multimedia;... More

    pp. 38-46

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  8. School's Not Out, Yet

    Kenneth J. Luterbach & Charles M. Reigeluth

    Discussion of school reform activity focuses on criticism of a previously published article that challenged all school restructuring efforts based on the belief that advances in technology renders ... More

    pp. 47-54

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  9. Using Photo-Interviewing as a Tool for Research and Evaluation

    John V. Dempsey & Susan A. Tucker

    Examines techniques for using photographic evidence and photo-interviewing in evaluation and research. Reasons for using photo-interviewing are discussed, including prompting recall and acting as... More

    pp. 55-62

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