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Educational Technology

1994 Volume 34, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Introduction to Special Issue: Instructional Design and the Classroom Teacher

    Rodney S. Earle

    Provides an overview of this issue focusing on relationships between instructional design (ID) and classroom teachers. Topics addressed include ID in teacher planning, including the systems... More

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  2. Instructional Design and the Classroom Teacher: Looking back and Moving Ahead

    Rodney S. Earle

    Discusses instructional design and the classroom teacher. Highlights include the impact of calls for school reform; teaching as an art versus a science; teacher planning versus instructional design... More

    pp. 6-10

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  3. Examining the Planning Practices of Teachers: Reflections on Three Years of Research

    Robert A. Reiser

    Describes a research project designed to examine how training in the use of a systems approach process has affected the planning practices and beliefs of preservice and inservice teachers.... More

    pp. 11-16

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  4. Instructional Design or Personal Heuristics in Classroom Instructional Planning

    Mary F. Kennedy

    Discussion of instructional design and instructional development focuses on four studies conducted in Newfoundland that examined instructional development knowledge, competency, and use among... More

    pp. 17-25

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  5. Common Instructional Design Practices Employed by Secondary School Teachers

    Robert C. Branch

    Discusses teachers' use of systematic instructional design practices; describes fundamental components of instructional design; explains a teacher planning inventory; and reports on a study of... More

    pp. 25-34

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  6. Perspectives on Instructional Planning: How Do Teachers and Instructional Designers Conceive of ISD Planning Practices?

    Marcy P. Driscoll

    Discussion of the application of instructional systems design principles in public education focuses on a study that examined and compared the thinking of preservice teachers, experienced teachers,... More

    pp. 34-42

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  7. Revisiting the Experiences of Educational Technologists in Public Education

    Jan Garbosky

    Describes in-depth interviews with 10 teachers trained in educational technology that investigated the use of their educational technology skills and their personal assessments of the value and use... More

    pp. 43-49

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  8. Using Distance Education to Teach Instructional Design to Preservice Teachers

    Barbara L. Martin

    Compares factors required for a successful distance education course to requirements for designing a unit of instruction using instructional systems design (ISD). Application of these requirements ... More

    pp. 49-55

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