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Educational Technology

1991 Volume 31, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. On the Management of Change: How Not to Develop Textbooks

    Clifton B. Chadwick

    Describes a textbook production project in a Central American country whose goal was the improvement of primary education. Disparities between educational opportunities in developed nations and... More

    pp. 7-15

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  2. Strategies for Cueing Visual Information: Research Findings and Instructional Design Implications

    Charles R. Beck

    Describes a series of studies of fourth graders that investigated the cueing effectiveness of seven variables for use with visual information. Contrasting cueing strategies that were tested are... More

    pp. 16-20

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  3. The Interaction of Learning Styles with Learner Control Treatments in an Interactive Videodisc Lesson

    Lawrence B. Burwell

    Discussion of learning styles and learner control focuses on a study of college students that paired field-dependent and field-independent learning styles with different instructional control... More

    pp. 37-43

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