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Educational Technology

1991 Volume 31, Number 12

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Media and Technology for Preservice Teachers: Design, Development, and Implementation of a Basic Course

    Edward F. Newren

    Describes the design, development, and implementation of an educational media technology course at Miami University (Ohio) for preservice teachers. The four modules that comprise the course are... More

    pp. 7-14

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  2. Repurposing a Feature Film for Interactive Multimedia

    Sharon Blanton

    Describes how a videodisc of Alfred Hitchcock's film "North by Northwest" was repurposed by adding digitized and computer-generated sound, text, and graphics, to show users the capabilities of... More

    pp. 37-41

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  3. The Effects of Hypermedia on Learning: A Literature Review

    David W. Ambrose

    Reviews relevant scholarly literature on hypermedia from two perspectives: (1) an analysis of hypermedia in terms of learning theory; and (2) the implications of several characteristics of... More

    pp. 51-55

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  4. Major Trends in the Use of Computers in Latin American Schools

    Jaime Hernan Sanchez

    Provides an overview of current issues in the implementation and usage of computers in Latin American schools. Ten major trends are discussed, including national policies, training for teachers,... More

    pp. 56-58

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