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Educational Technology

1991 Volume 31, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Computer-Managed Testing in Schools

    Donald T. Mizokawa

    Discusses computer-managed testing and describes a study of elementary school students that compared computerized and paper-and-pencil testing. Guidelines for computerized testing are offered,... More

    pp. 21-25

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  2. Robert M. Gagne and M. David Merrill: In Conversation. No. 7: ICAI, Computers in the Schools, an Instructional Design Expert System

    David Twitchell

    This seventh and final discussion in a series of edited transcripts based on a conference held at Utah State University focuses on intelligent computer-assisted instruction (ICAI); the use of... More

    pp. 34-40

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  3. Television Aesthetics in Education

    Nikos Metallinos

    Discusses the field of television aesthetics and its contribution to education. Highlights include visual and auditory perception; cognition; composition of television images; and criteria for the ... More

    pp. 48-53

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  4. Thomas Jefferson, Page Design, and Desktop Publishing

    James Hartley

    Discussion of page design for desktop publishing focuses on the importance of functional issues as opposed to aesthetic issues, and criticizes a previous article that stressed aesthetic issues.... More

    pp. 54-57

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