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Educational Technology

1990 Volume 30, Number 8

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Instructional Technology: Whither Its Future?

    P L. Galbraith

    Discussion of the role of instructional technology in education focuses on a futures study that was conducted to investigate possible technology futures for Australian secondary education. The... More

    pp. 18-25

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  2. ERIC and Other Education Databases: An Overview for Users

    R Neil Scott & Edward M. Wolpert

    Discusses searching techniques in print indexes and describes the development of computer-assisted search (CAS) services and CD-ROM systems that focus on education. The ERIC database and other... More

    pp. 26-32

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  3. Robert M. Gagne and M. David Merrill. In Conversation: Reviewing the Main Points of M. David Merrill's Learning Theory

    David Twitchell

    This second installment in a series of edited transcripts based on a conference held at Utah State University in 1987 reviews the main points of Merrill's Learning Theory. The performance content... More

    pp. 36-41

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  4. Alternative New Directions for Instructional Design

    David Kember & David Murphy

    Discusses limitations of current instructional design theory and suggests new approaches that should be emphasized. Constructivist theories of learning in cognitive psychology are described,... More

    pp. 42-47

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  5. Performance Technology and Academic Programs in Instructional Design and Technology: Must We Change?

    Allison Rossett

    Defines performance technology, compares performance technology with instructional technology, and suggests ways to incorporate performance technology into graduate programs in instructional design... More

    pp. 48-51

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