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Educational Technology

1990 Volume 30, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Issues in the Design of Schooling: Changing the Paradigm

    Robert K. Branson

    Addresses fundamental issues central to the systematic design of schooling that incorporate changing technology. Schooling models of the past and present are discussed, a technology-based paradigm ... More

    pp. 7-10

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  2. A Simplified Approach to the Application of Component Display Theory

    David Twitchell

    Discusses Component Display Theory (CDT) as a method of instructional design, and describes a reorganization of CDT meant to increase its utility in the instructional design process. Matrices in... More

    pp. 11-18

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  3. Technology Transfer: A Model for Public Education

    E Curtis Fawson & Don C. Smellie

    Discusses the use of technology in the classroom and presents a model for its use in public schools. Highlights include the role of teachers; teacher education; the role of parents; business and... More

    pp. 19-25

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  4. Social Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction

    William Lynch

    Discussion of the social role that computers play in the classroom focuses on an empirical study of human-computer interaction. Classes of high school and undergraduate students are described that ... More

    pp. 26-31

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  5. Planning for a School of Choice

    William E. Webster

    Describes a planning process necessary for the successful implementation of a school of choice option. Topics discussed include resistance to change; development of an Organizational Status Report ... More

    pp. 39-44

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  6. A Fully Integrated Instructional Database: Promoting Student Research Skills

    Ami Salant

    Describes the Context Information System, a prototype retrieval system designed for online searching in an educational environment. Use of the system in Israeli high schools to encourage the... More

    pp. 55-58

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