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Educational Technology

1990 Volume 30, Number 12

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Educational Technology in the California Public Schools: A Statewide Survey

    Robert G. Main & Lily Roberts

    Reports results of a survey of California public schools that was conducted to determine their educational technology applications. Highlights include types of equipment used, including computers, ... More

    pp. 7-19

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  2. Media Literacy: Can We Get There from Here?

    David M. Considine

    Discusses the relationship between mass media and education, and stresses the need for better media education in the United States. The Channel One project is discussed, advertising and marketing... More

    pp. 27-32

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  3. Robert M. Gagne and M. David Merrill: In Conversation. No.6: The Cognitive Psychological Basis for Instructional Design

    David Twitchell

    This sixth in a series of edited transcripts based on a conference at Utah State University discusses ideas from cognitive psychology that have implications for instructional design. Highlights... More

    pp. 35-46

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  4. ID2 and Constructivist Theory

    M David Merrill

    Discusses the relationship of constructivism with instructional design theory. Topics discussed include instructional systems development; objectives; learning versus instruction; deep learning... More

    pp. 52-55

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