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Educational Technology

1989 Volume 29, Number 9

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Software Engineering: A New Component for Instructional Software Development

    J Wey Chen & Chung-Wei Shen

    Discussion of software engineering for computer-based instruction (CBI) focuses on a model for instructional software development. Highlights include a multidisciplinary team approach; needs... More

    pp. 9-15

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  2. Teaching Problem-Solving Skills with Technology

    Alan M. Hofmeister

    Discusses the role of computer-assisted instruction in teaching thinking skills and presents a case study in teaching domain-specific strategies. A videodisc-based program called "Mastering Ratios ... More

    pp. 26-29

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  3. Group Size for Computerized Instruction

    Edward L. Vockell

    Discusses instructional considerations of group size for computerized instruction. Situations calling for individual use, small group use, and large use of computers are described; individualistic,... More

    pp. 30-32

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  4. Students' Computer Activity as a Function of Prior Experience

    Meni Koslowsky

    Describes study that was conducted at Bar-Ilan University (Israel) to examine the influence of previous experience on the computer activity of first-year university students. The average computer... More

    pp. 44-46

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