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Educational Technology

1989 Volume 29, Number 5

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Mapping the Structure of Research and Theory in Instructional Systems Technology

    David H. Jonassen

    Discusses the field of instructional systems technology (IST) and the definition of its subject matter domain; describes cognitive mapping and semantic relatedness; and reports results of a study... More

    pp. 7-10

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  2. The Instructional Design Movement in Educational Technology

    Barbara Seels

    Discussion of the field of educational technology focuses on the influence of instructional design on its development. Topics discussed include instructional applications of the systems approach;... More

    pp. 11-15

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  3. Basic Concept Microcomputer Courseware: A Critical Evaluation System for Educators

    Ilsa Schwarz & Molly Lewis

    Defines basic concept courseware as educational software dealing with language concepts for young children, details problems with current courseware evaluation systems, and outlines contents of the... More

    pp. 16-21

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  4. Extending Education Using Video: Lessons Learned

    Dean R. Spitzer

    Describes an evaluative study of a videotaped class offered to undergraduate education students at Boise State University. Comparisons are made with a conventionally taught class, student... More

    pp. 28-30

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  5. Project THEORIA: New Media for Values Education

    Preston Covey

    Describes Project THEORIA, which was developed at Carnegie Mellon University to design interactive simulation environments for testing hypotheses and theories of the arts and human morals. Three... More

    pp. 31-32

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  6. Personalizing Reading Instruction: A Systems Model for Teachers

    Carolyn P. Casteel & Lowell E. Johnson

    Discussion of personalized instruction focuses on reading education and presents a systems model for teachers called a Teacher System for Personalized Instruction (TSPI). Topics discussed include... More

    pp. 37-40

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  7. Semiotics in the Training of Instructional Systems Researchers

    Marcy P. Driscoll

    Discusses the role of semiotics in instructional systems research, and examines the implications that a semiotic perspective yields for the research training provided to students in instructional... More

    pp. 41-44

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