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Educational Technology

1989 Volume 29, Number 10

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Computer Mediated Communication for Instruction: Using e-Mail as a Seminar

    Alexander J. Romiszowski & Johan A. de Haas

    Discusses computer mediated communication (CMC) and describes some possible applications of this technology, especially the use of computer conferencing systems. Electronic bulletin boards, online ... More

    pp. 7-14

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  2. Multichannel Learning Research Applied to Principles of Television Production: A Review and Synthesis of the Literature

    LuEtt Hanson

    Reviews multichannel learning research to find the best ways to combine audio and video in television to improve learning, and summarizes the research findings into principles for instructional... More

    pp. 15-19

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  3. AIDS Training in Third-World Countries: An Evaluation of Telecommunications Technology

    Pamela D. Hartigan & Ronald K. St. John

    Presents findings of an evaluation that was designed to assess the results of the Second Pan American Teleconference on AIDS. Benefits of teleconferencing for health care workers in developing... More

    pp. 20-23

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  4. A Checklist for Evaluation of Courseware Authoring Systems

    Thomas C. Richards & Jeannette Fukuzawa

    Outlines technological and cognitive considerations in the selection of authoring systems for writing computer-assisted instruction (CAI) lessons. Topics discussed include hardware selection;... More

    pp. 24-29

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  5. The Effects of Captioned Television Videotapes on the Listening Comprehension of Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced ESL Students

    Paul L. Markham

    Describes study that was conducted to determine the effects of captioned television videotapes on the listening comprehension of university students studying English as a Second Language (ESL).... More

    pp. 38-41

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