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Educational Technology

1988 Volume 28, Number 8

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Hypertext: A New Training Tool?

    Clay Carr

    Describes hypertext, a significantly different form of data retrieval, and gives an example of how it might be used in computer-based training. Hypertext software is discussed, including TextPro... More

    pp. 7-11

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  2. Designing a Visual Factors-Based Screen Display Interface: The New Role of the Graphic Technologist

    Tony Faiola & Michael L. DeBloois

    Discusses the role of the graphic technologist in preparing computer screen displays for interactive videodisc systems, and suggests screen design guidelines. Topics discussed include the grid... More

    pp. 12-21

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  3. Design and Management of an IMC Micro Center

    Stanley N. Bunson

    Outlines design and management factors to be considered when developing a microcomputer lab for an instructional media center (IMC). Highlights include environmental considerations, including... More

    pp. 29-32

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