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Educational Technology

1988 Volume 28, Number 10

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Recent Developments in Instructional Hardware and Software

    Paul R. Brandon

    Reviews the literature discussing the effects of instructional software and hardware in elementary and secondary education and reports on recent developments. Topics discussed include criticism of ... More

    pp. 7-12

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  2. A Taxonomy for the Timing of Feedback in Computer-Based Instruction

    John V. Dempsey & Susan U. Wager

    Discusses and defines immediate and delayed feedback as they apply to computer-assisted instruction and testing. A research classification matrix is presented to provide a framework for classifying... More

    pp. 20-25

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  3. Increasing the Use of Instructional Media in the Schools

    John F. Wedman

    Describes a model for identifying factors affecting teachers' use of instructional media and suggests methods to increase teachers' expertise with instructional media. The instructional performance... More

    pp. 26-31

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  4. Evaluating Potential Instructional Technology and Design Professionals for Academic and Business Settings: Criteria for Decision-Making

    Robert C. Branch

    Discussion of differences in skills and abilities needed for instructional designers in academic versus business settings focuses on a survey of Association for Educational Communications and... More

    pp. 34-37

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  5. Mnemonic Instruction Research: Implications for Computer-Assisted Instruction

    Ronald C. Feldt

    Discusses ways in which computer-assisted instruction (CAI) could be used for mnemonic instruction in the classroom. Literature on mnemonic instruction is reviewed, CAI and the acquisition of... More

    pp. 47-50

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