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Educational Technology

1987 Volume 27, Number 9

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Critical Issues in Educational Technology: Introduction to Part One

    Dean R. Spitzer

    Presents overview of this special issue focusing on the field of educational technology. Highlights include the nature of technology and social values; the effects of technology on curriculum and... More

    pp. 7-8

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  2. Notes on the Nature of Technology

    Craig N. Locatis

    Discusses the nature of technology, its relationship to science, and how it is affected by social values. The association of technology, design, and problem solving is described, goal setting and... More

    pp. 13-16

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  3. Beyond Innovation: The Systemic Integration of Technology into the Curriculum

    P Kenneth Komoski

    Reviews difficulties involved in integrating recent technological innovations into the curriculum and describes a computerized database and information management system, Integrated Instructional... More

    pp. 21-25

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  4. The Use, Misuse, and Non-Use of Educational Technologists in Public Education

    Allison Rossett & Jan Garbosky

    Discussion of employment possibilities for educational technologists focuses on their employment in public schools. A study is described that interviewed 10 school-based educational technologists... More

    pp. 37-42

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  5. "Megatrends" in Educational Technology

    Dean R. Spitzer

    Presents six trends and challenges facing educational technology: (1) increasing differentiation between education and training; (2) private sector (industrial) developments; (3) increasing... More

    pp. 44-47

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