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Educational Technology

1986 Volume 26, Number 5

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. An Analysis of Evaluations of Interactive Video

    James Bosco

    This analysis of the evaluation literature on interactive video describes nature of the evaluations, reviews information on the effectiveness of interactive video, and discusses what the... More

    pp. 7-17

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  2. Visuals for Interactive Video: Images for a New Technology (with Some Guidelines)

    Roberts A. Braden

    Reviews relevant features for interactive video images of the four primary technologies that merge to intertwine themselves in interactive video (computers, television, instructional design, visual... More

    pp. 18-23

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  3. Local Area Networks in the School Setting

    Harry P. Bluhm

    Defines local area networks (LANs); describes basic components and configurations of LANs; and discusses LANs benefits (reduced costs, better management of computer resources, enhanced... More

    pp. 26-31

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  4. A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Microcomputer and Workbook Instruction on Reading Comprehension Performance of High Incidence Handicapped Children

    Janice A. Harper & Norma J. Ewing

    This study compared the effectiveness of microcomputer and workbook instruction on silent reading comprehension performance of mild mentally retarded and learning disabled 11- to 13-year-olds.... More

    pp. 40-45

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