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Educational Technology

1986 Volume 26, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 2

  1. Software Infusion: Using Computers to Enhance Instruction. Part Two: What Kind of Training Does Software Infusion Require?

    Shirl S. Schiffman

    Presents a four-step conceptual framework for designing workshops to teach educators software infusion (SI), i.e., the use of computer software to enhance instructional effectiveness in school... More

    pp. 9-15

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  2. Using Microcomputers to Augment a Mainframe Bibliographic Search Service: A Case Study in Developing End User Personal Information Systems

    Edward G. Summers

    Describes evolution of an in-house database search service developed by University of British Columbia's Educational Research Services and Computing Center. The tryout phase in developing a model... More

    pp. 25-30

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