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Educational Technology

1985 Volume 25, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Design Factors for Successful Videodisc-Based Instruction

    Greg P. Kearsley & Jana Frost

    Describes examples of outstanding videodiscs, summarizes evidence on effectiveness of videodisc as a teaching tool, and discusses factors associated with design of effective videodisc for... More

    pp. 7-13

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  2. Light Pen as Magic Wand: Computerize Classroom Visual Aids Using an Extended BASIC

    Craig W. Johnson & Deborah A. Orban

    Routines developed for an ongoing course in research methods and statistics provides examples of the custom instructional applications that can be created using extended BASIC and a light pen,... More

    pp. 20-24

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  3. Which Computer Competencies Are Needed Most by School Managers? A Comparison of the Views of Computer Experts and School Principals

    Elaine C. Montague & Richard A. King

    Compares two surveys--one of school administrators and one of computer experts--on perceptions of priorities among computer competencies for school administrators. Analysis includes importance of... More

    pp. 25-30

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  4. The Role of Instructional Theories in the Evaluation of Microcomputer Courseware

    Margaret E. Bell

    Suggests use of instructional theory to generate criteria for evaluating microcomputer courseware and describes one approach to its use. This approach identifies skills that the three courseware... More

    pp. 36-40

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