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Educational Technology

1985 Volume 25, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Instructional Conditions for Computer-Based Problem-Solving Environments

    Joan K. Gallini

    Focuses on description of instructional-learning conditions for a LOGO environment hypothesized to be conducive to development of problem-solving skills for both given and new situations based on... More

    pp. 7-11

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  2. Measuring Women's Attitudes, Goals, and Literacy toward Computers and Advanced Technology

    Lorraine Morlock Jackson & Ellen Yamanaka

    Describes a study examining relationships between Canadian adult women's ages, goals, literacy, and attitudes toward computers and advanced technology. Results indicate a strong correlation between... More

    pp. 12-14

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  3. Formative Evaluation of Courseware: One Instrument

    Cheryll Duquette

    Discusses highlights of a literature review on guidelines for formative evaluation of courseware and the development of a formative evaluation instrument by the Kanata High Technology Training... More

    pp. 20-23

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  4. The Rational Set Generator: A Method for Creating Concept Examples for Teaching and Testing

    Marcy P. Driscoll & Martin Tessmer

    Discusses development of rational set generator--an overall method for creating a rational set of examples to teach concepts and evaluate student knowledge levels--which combines formulas for... More

    pp. 29-32

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