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Educational Technology

1985 Volume 25, Number 11

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Instructional Software Design Principles

    Margret Hazen

    Discusses learner/computer interaction, learner control, sequencing of instructional events, and graphic screen design as effective principles for the design of instructional software, including... More

    pp. 18-23

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  2. Toward Defining the Function of Visuals Used to Support a Verbal Narration

    Forrest G. Wisely & C Edward Streeter

    Based on intuitive speculation, a literature review, and trial situations with students, this comprehensive listing describes, explains, and classifies the functions that visuals might perform when... More

    pp. 24-26

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  3. An Assessment of the Production and Utilization of Instructional Media by Student Teachers

    Alex Carter & Kenneth C. Schmidt

    The effectiveness of a media workshop for elementary and secondary level student teachers was evaluated through a survey designed to determine the extent to which the student teachers (1) utilized ... More

    pp. 30-32

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  4. The Dutch Informatics Stimulation Plan: Activities of the Center for Education and Information Technology

    Jef Moonen

    Describes organizational structure and activities of the Center for Education and Information Technology (Netherlands), a national organization for exchange and distribution of the latest... More

    pp. 39-43

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