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Educational Technology

1984 Volume 24, Number 9

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Software for Hardnoses: CAI for College Composition Teachers

    Cynthia Selfe

    A brief review of shortcomings of commercially available computer assisted instruction (CAI) programs, is followed by a description of Wordsworth II, a sophisticated interactive CAI program written... More

    pp. 25-29

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  2. Audiovisual Materials in U.S. Schools: A National Survey on Availability and Use

    Carl B. Smith & Gary M. Ingersoll

    Discusses results of a national survey of teachers and administrators at all grade levels to determine availability and use of audiovisual materials. Results indicate audiovisual material use seems... More

    pp. 36-38

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  3. Behavior Reinforcement Strategies for Computer-Assisted Instruction: Programming for Success

    Phillip B. Waldrop

    Reviews possible sources of reinforcement in computer assisted instruction and systematic utilization of these sources in courseware design. Sources reviewed include reinforcement from the machine ... More

    pp. 38-41

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