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Educational Technology

1983 Volume 23, Number 10

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Classroom Applications of Electronic Spreadsheet Computer Software

    Patricia H. Tolbert & Charles M. Tolbert

    Details classroom use of SuperCalc, a software accounting package developed originally for small businesses, as a computerized gradebook. A procedure which uses data from the computer gradebook to ... More

    pp. 20-22

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  2. Hypothesis Testing with Computer-Assisted Instruction

    Helen J. Schwartz

    Describes the components of SEEN, a computer program which provides an environment that prompts the user to create, support, and test an hypothesis, and its applications in an introductory world... More

    pp. 26-27

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  3. Microcomputer-Based Simulation in Training Elementary Teachers

    Harold R. Strang & Ann Booker Loper

    Describes the hardware and software, typical application, future use, and initial results of an evaluation of a program which enables future teachers to practice their teaching skills on... More

    pp. 30-31

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  4. Educational Technology and the Development of Human Resources in Brazil

    Juracy C. Marques & Rute Angelo Baquero

    Discusses some problems and solutions related to the use of educational technology in teacher training for higher education, the historical aspects of the educational technology developments in... More

    pp. 43-44

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