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Educational Technology

April 1982 Volume 22, Number 4

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Number of articles: 4

  1. The Atlanta Slayings: Telecommunications Research Supplies New Findings

    Stephen Lehane & Gary Braman

    Compares the influence of television news on the reactions of 100 Blacks in both Georgia and Iowa to the Atlanta slayings. People surveyed were examined for their reactions to live coverage,... More

    pp. 20-23

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  2. Educational Technology Research: Substituting Closed-Circuit Television for the Science Laboratory

    Yosef Menis

    Suggests a practical approach for coping with training students in laboratory skill through the use of videotaped (VTR) materials and discusses the technical advantages of using VTR as opposed to... More

    pp. 24-27

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  3. Cognitive Maps as a Tool in Communicating Structural Knowledge

    George M. Diekhoff & Karen Bembry Diekhoff

    The method presented provides a systematic approach for communicating information about interrelationships between concepts taught in a psychology course. Students who did not receive the... More

    pp. 28-30

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  4. Remediating Spelling Problems of Learning-Handicapped Students through the Use of Microcomputers

    Ted S. Hasselbring

    Describes a program designed to provide students with individualized spelling remediation using imitation and modeling techniques. (Author) More

    pp. 31-32

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