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Educational Technology

January 1982 Volume 22, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. How Does Instructional Systems Design Differ from Traditional Instruction?

    Wallace H. Hannum & Leslie J. Briggs

    This review of the research on the effectiveness of an instructional systems approach at both the micro- and macro-levels discusses progress made in the last decade in developing a knowledge base... More

    pp. 9-14

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  2. The Growing Education Crisis in Developing Countries: I. Conditions Affecting Improvement and Some New Perspectives

    Arnold M. Gallegos

    The first in a series of three, this article argues that the transfer of educational models and innovations from developed nations is not sufficient for developing countries. Recommended instead... More

    pp. 15-21

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  3. Library/Media Specialists: Preparing for the Move from Education to Business

    Amos C. Patterson & Richard Baranowski

    Suggests that the business world offers a wide array of job opportunities for media specialists and examines some basics a person should consider in making a career transition from a traditional... More

    pp. 22-24

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  4. McLuhan and McLuhanism: Two Views

    Paul Levinson & George N. Gordon

    Presents the views of two experts on McLuhan's effect on communications theory and research. Levinson maintains that McLuhan performed the Socratic job of identifying the important issues in the... More

    pp. 39-46

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