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Educational Technology

July 1981 Volume 21, Number 7

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Cognitive Theory and the Design of Instruction

    Terry M. Wildman

    Discusses the contributions of cognitive theory to continued progress in the field of instructional design, and, correspondingly, what designers can do in the coming decade to facilitate the growth... More

    pp. 14-20

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  2. Behavioral Technology: Foundation for the Future

    John K. Burton

    Explores several aspects of behaviorism, including its contributions to current educational practice, its recent unpopularity, and challenges to behavioral researchers in the 1980s. Seventy-two... More

    pp. 21-28

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  3. Instructional Design Models: Future Trends and Issues

    Walter Dick

    Reviews the current status of instructional design models and discusses the implications of trends in education, training, and society that are likely to influence instructional design in the 1980s... More

    pp. 29-32

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  4. Characteristics of Effective Instructional Presentation: What We Know and What We Need to Know

    Malcolm Fleming

    Reviews findings from the behavioral sciences which are related to the referential, informational, demand, relational, and image-of-the-other characteristics of instructional presentations. The... More

    pp. 33-38

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