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Educational Technology

March 1981 Volume 21, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Microcomputers in Education: The State of the Art

    Gerald T. Gleason

    This overview of instructional applications of computer-assisted instruction and microcomputer applications discusses current developments in hardware and software, the need for independent review ... More

    pp. 7-18

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  2. Evaluation of a Statewide Education Management Information System

    Theodore I. Bahn & John Maas

    This summary of a recent evaluation of the Minnesota Management Information System (MIS) focuses on problems encountered during its evolution and on options available to solve those problems. A... More

    pp. 19-26

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  3. A Systematic Instructional Design Strategy Derived from Information-Processing Theory

    Margaret E. Bell

    Recommends an instructional design strategy derived from information processing theory and research which would include the planned presentation of retrieval events and encourage learners to manage... More

    pp. 32-35

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  4. Computer-Assisted Remediation and Evaluation: A CAI Project for Ontario Secondary Schools

    Janis Gershman & Evannah Sakamoto

    Discusses a project to create and evaluate computer-assisted instruction (CAI) sequences for intermediate mathematics and a parallel project to produce and validate test items suitable for... More

    pp. 40-43

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  5. Results of a Three-Month PLATO Trial in Terms of Utilization and Student Attitudes

    Tracie M. Jenkins & Elizabeth J. Dankert

    A study was undertaken to determine whether PLATO would be used by the medical students at Mercer University and whether attitudes toward this type of computer-assisted instruction would prove... More

    pp. 44-47

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