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Educational Technology

December 1979 Volume 19, Number 12

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Assessment as Exploratory Research: A Theoretical Overview

    Nancy W. Burton

    Presents a case for conducting exploratory rather than confirmatory research in generating hypotheses as opposed to testing them. Exploratory data analysis, the National Assessment Design, and the ... More

    pp. 5-11

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  2. Needs Assessment Models: A Comparison

    Madeline J. Trimby

    Discusses four models of needs analysis: Kaufman's "Needs Assessment," Coffing's "Client Need Assessment," Lee's "Needs-Assessment," and Harless'"Front-End Analysis." A matrix comparing these... More

    pp. 24-28

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  3. The Expanded Individualized Prescriptive Instruction (EIPI) System

    Robert M. Hashway

    Four testing schemes are outlined: post-test only, pretest/post-test, the Individually Prescribed Instruction (IPI) Model, and the EIPI Model which takes into account the learning style and the... More

    pp. 33-38

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  4. Analysis of Curriculum Designs and Materials

    Christopher Borden

    Suggests a common format for analyzing and evaluating learning systems which takes into account costs, skill requirements and sequence, instructional techniques and requirements, motivational... More

    pp. 41-42

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