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Educational Technology

September 1978 Volume 18, Number 9

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Instructional Evaluation by Students: Its Use for Diagnosis and Improvement of Teaching

    Ran Chermesh

    A course and instructor evaluation model, developed at Ben Gurion University, is discussed in terms of its use as a diagnostic tool for the improvement of teaching. The evaluation model is... More

    pp. 9-13

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  2. Lesson Design for Computer-Based Instructional Systems

    James E. Eisele

    The process of designing instructional sequences in the creation of instructional materials to be delivered via computer-based systems is defined. Charts depict functions for computer-learner, and ... More

    pp. 14-21

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  3. Video Applications in Education

    Syed M. S. Haque

    Major developments in video technology, the benefits and limitations of these developments, and the application of video formats are discussed. A comparative chart details characteristics of media ... More

    pp. 28-32

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  4. Use of Video Feedback in Training of Dental School Faculty

    Jay M. Yanoff

    Describes a method designed to aid dental school faculty in examining and changing their teaching through videotaped feedback. Four situations using video feedback are presented: small group... More

    pp. 48-51

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  5. Evaluation in Curriculum Development

    Carol L. Tennyson & Robert D. Tennyson

    Guidelines are provided for evaluation during four stages of curriculum development: evaluating the feasibility of a project, evaluation during formative design and development, summative... More

    pp. 52-55

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  6. A Computerized Technique for Producing Cloze Material

    Theodore C. Hines & Jerry Warren

    Procedures used in a computer program for the preparation of cloze text material at the elementary level are described. Input design and printout formats are given. (RAO) More

    pp. 56-58

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