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Educational Technology

December 1978 Volume 18, Number 12

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. A System Approach for Delivering Supplemental Instruction to Handicapped Children

    Charles A. Maher

    Describes a systematic approach for designing, delivering, and evaluating individual remedial instructional services for handicapped students within the public school setting. Supplemental... More

    pp. 25-29

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  2. Developing Vocational Training Programs for Handicapped Students

    Jack R. Clarcq & Edward A. Maruggi

    Describes focus of current vocational training programs and provides an overview of their effectiveness, as well as the status of the deaf in the world of work. A process for developing such... More

    pp. 30-33

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  3. Appropriate Technology of Research for Educational Technology

    Frank Gerace

    The need for appropriate approaches to educational technology research in developing nations is discussed, and two examples of such research, adapted to local technological capabilities, are given.... More

    pp. 34-36

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  4. An Optimistic Friend: Positive Evaluation Research

    Robert Bogdan

    Proposes an approach to evaluation that counters negative bias, i.e., optimistic evaluation research. Procedures and advantages of this approach are discussed. (RAO) More

    pp. 39-40

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  5. Helping Print-Oriented Teachers to Use Other Media

    Christopher Borden

    Since the designer of interactive materials must ensure that the learner is directed to the information that he will be expected to acquire, he must recognize the components of the delivery system ... More

    pp. 41-42

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