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Educational Technology

1977 Volume 17, Number 8

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 10

  1. Developing Computer Literacy in Children: Some Observations and Suggestions

    Thomas G. Holzman & Robert Glaser

    A study of the kinds of computer programs children write and the types of programming concepts with which they have difficulty. (DAG) More

    pp. 5-11

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  2. Guided Group Problem-Solving in the Purdue Three-Stage Model of Instruction

    Russell Ames

    A model designed to help students learn basic concepts, principles, and theories, and to develop higher cognitive abilities. (DAG) More

    pp. 12-16

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  3. Incentives in Instructional Development

    Dean R. Spitzer

    Results of a survey of 200 instructional developers. (DAG) More

    pp. 17-21

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  4. The Cost-Effectiveness of Instructional Media Technology in Higher Education

    Edward P. Caffarella

    pp. 22-26

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  5. Cost Centers in Education: A Management Systems Approach to Standardized Planning, Budgeting, and Reporting

    Edward M. Jackowski & Richard P. Mills

    pp. 27-30

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  6. The Organizational Climate Descriptive Questionnaire: A Process Feedback Application in Elementary School

    J F. Watkins & Allen D. Cleveland

    An information retrieval-feedback procedure for elementary school faculty in a program of professional development. (Author) More

    pp. 31-33

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  7. PERT in Higher Education: An Application for Doctorial Students

    Dorothy M. Hai

    Application to analysis, planning, and scheduling of dissertation research and writing. (DAG) More

    pp. 33-36

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  8. A Diagnostic-Prescriptive Computer Program for Pupil Screening

    Stephen B. Lavine

    Screening for learning disabilities in preschoolers. (DAG) More

    pp. 37-0

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  9. Management-by-Objectives: Promise and Problems

    Carmelo V. Sapone & Joseph R. Giuliano

    pp. 38-0

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  10. Effects of Slide-Series Teaching Technique Upon Cognitive Learning in Graduate Classes

    J Hugh McTeer

    pp. 39-0

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