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Educational Technology

1976 Volume 16, Number 1

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Number of articles: 13

  1. Computing Activities in Secondary Education

    William J. Bukoski & Arthur L. Korotkin

    A report from a study completed by American Institutes for Research (AIR), detailing the extent and type of computer use in U.S. public secondary schools. The second such study done by AIR,... More

    pp. 9-22

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  2. A Grand Experiment in Media-Supported Instruction: What Went Wrong?

    Clifton S. Harris & Ralph C. Atkinson

    A discussion of the experiment at Dallas Baptist College, which attempted to incorporate a systems approach to media-supported instruction into the design of a total curriculum. Reasons for the... More

    pp. 23-28

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  3. Some Ways to Individualize Instruction

    Peggy Elliott & Floyd L. Coppedge

    A discussion of areas in which the authors believe that individualized instruction can be accomplished. Content level, scope of content and objectives, time requirements, materials and methods, and... More

    pp. 29-33

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  4. A Checklist for the Evaluation of Competency Based Teacher Education Programs

    Robert Andreyka & Bill Blank

    pp. 34-36

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  5. The Group in Education: Toward Conformity or Creativity?

    Dean R. Spitzer

    A look at two areas of research in group dynamics: Individual behavior conformity to certain pressures of group processes, and the "risky shift phenomenon," which theorizes that the group tends to ... More

    pp. 37-40

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  6. Improving Educational Evaluations by Appropriate Use of Knowledge, Product and Performance Learnings

    Sam Leles & Robert J. Cruise

    A description of a conceptual model by which learnings can be differentiated into different forms. It is further contended that schools at all levels engage in tasks that result in learnings whose ... More

    pp. 41-43

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  7. The Computer and Man

    William D. Hedges

    The theme of this article concerns the sketching in of a number of the factors in man's evolutionary interaction with tools, leading toward the predicted eventuality in his development, the... More

    pp. 44-45

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  8. Educational Technology in Medical School Teaching

    William E. Sorlie & Les A. Jones

    A discussion of how the curriculum of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, Urbana-Champaign (SBMS-UC), College of Medicine, University of Illinois was developed as a self-instructional, self... More

    pp. 46-47

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  9. Simulation Games: A Systematic Approach

    Malcolm Fairweather

    A discussion of how to construct simulation games for all subject areas in a systematic manner. (HB) More

    pp. 49-50

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  10. Attitudes Toward Decision-Making in Instructional Development

    Michael R. Simonson

    pp. 51-53

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  11. The Evaluation Component of a Personalized Teacher Education Program

    Laura Newell

    A description of the evaluation procedures developed and used by the Training Teacher Trainers Project at Auburn University. (HB) More

    pp. 54-56

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  12. Radio in the Classroom: Fibber McGee and Who?

    Karen Hall & Larry L. Palmatier

    A look at some features of radio and an analysis of the value of the medium to the present American classroom. (HB) More

    pp. 57-58

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  13. A Secretarial Staff Adequacy Formula for Elementary Schools

    Eldon L. Wiley

    A look at the differing demands made upon the school secretary and the time required for execution of those tasks which can be equated to the kind of task involved. Definition of terms and... More

    pp. 59-60

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