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Educational Technology

1975 Volume 15, Number 7

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 9

  1. Media Selection in the Affective Domain: A Further Interpretation of Dale's Cone of Experience for Cognitive and Affective Learning

    Walter Wager

    pp. 9-12

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  2. Role Based Curriculum Development in Higher Education

    Glenwood L. Rowse

    Article proposes a systematic process strategy and useful structures or taxonomies for improving a curriculum when specific roles or tasks which will be required of the program's graduates can be... More

    pp. 13-22

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  3. Let's Give Competency Based Teacher Education a Chance

    M Thomas Hinkemeyer

    A discussion of the major criticisms leveled against Competency Based Teacher Education, and attempt to show that CBTE is suffering no more than previously proposed innovations. (Author) More

    pp. 23-25

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  4. Simulation Design for a Graduate Course in Education, or "Mr. Phillips" Comes to the University

    Richard M. Goldman

    A discussion of the use of simulation in teaching a university education course. (HB) More

    pp. 26-28

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  5. Variables to Consider in Planning Research for Effective Instruction: A Conceptual Framework

    A Edward Uprichard

    Article describes the conceptual frame for planning research for effective instruction. The framework was designed to help researchers identify, classify and/or quantify the factors affecting... More

    pp. 29-32

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  6. Systematic Institutional Planning

    Edward J. Green & Philip C. Winstead

    A general discussion of why university planning is more important today than ever before. (HB) More

    pp. 33-35

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  7. What Is a Concept?

    Dean R. Spitzer

    Article explores some of the key notions of the construct "concept" from the psychological and educational literature in order to demonstrate the need for standardization of definition and a more... More

    pp. 36-39

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  8. Winnie the Pooh Cleans Up

    Judith V. Becker

    A report on research which investigates the effectiveness of a reinforcement program which would require an increased amount of desirable behavior for each unit of reinforcement. (Author) More

    pp. 40-42

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  9. The Media Administrator: Instructional Leader of the Future?

    Len Faseler & Philip T. West

    A discussion of the changing role of the school principal, one more ideally compatible with curricula change, administrative excellence, and the evolving education system. (Author/HB) More

    pp. 43-45

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