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Educational Technology

1975 Volume 15, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 15

  1. Community College Instructors and the Use of New Media: Why Some Do and Others Don't

    Leslie Purdy

    Article considers the attitudes toward technology media of faculty at a California Community College in light of some of their basic attitudes toward the teaching process. (Author) More

    pp. 9-12

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  2. The Status of Research on Models of Product Development and Evaluation

    Nick L. Smith & Murray Stephen L.

    Article offers a critical look at the current research base supporting the use of research models. (Author) More

    pp. 13-17

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  3. Cognitive Criteria for Effective Audio-Visual Production: Report on Work-in-Progress

    Richard E. Speagle

    pp. 18-22

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  4. Behavioral Objectives: Validity Through Verbs

    Frank V. Novello

    How to build valid test items for behavioral objectives. (HB) More

    pp. 22-27

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  5. Objectives-Based Evaluation: Ending Up Undernourished

    D Cecil Clark

    How an objectives based evaluation model can be expanded to yield more information. (HB) More

    pp. 27-30

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  6. Analysis of the Proctoring Variable in PSI Courses

    John F. Gaynor

    How student proctors are used in individualized tutorial instruction for college teaching. (HB) More

    pp. 30-35

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  7. A Management Information System to Facilitate the Functioning of a CBTE Program

    Charlotte Neuhauser

    pp. 36-37

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  8. Peer-Produced Packages for Professional Preparation

    Robert N. Grunewald

    A discussion of how peer - prepared learning activity packages are used. (HB) More

    pp. 38-40

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  9. Use of Teaching Performance Tests to Validate the Effectiveness of a Performance Based Program of Teacher Education

    Martin G. Levine & Vicki F. Sharp

    pp. 40-42

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  10. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Best Teacher of Them All?

    Charles W. Ford

    A description of a program designed to teach the skills of teaching. (HB) More

    pp. 43-46

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  11. Computer Managed Study for Small Computer Systems

    P N. Daykin

    pp. 46-50

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  12. Programming Evaluation Procedure: A Diagnostic and Accountability Instrument for Classroom Teachers

    J Eugene Clements

    pp. 50-54

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  13. Interactive Computer Simulations for Teacher Education

    Janice L. Flake

    pp. 54-57

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  14. Toward Guided Self-Improvement: An Individual Progress Model for Teachers

    Elizabeth L. Dalton & Robert J. Krajewski

    pp. 58-60

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  15. Schools of Education and Inservice Training of Teachers

    Lee Hodges & Riley Hodges

    A look at how to cope with the decreased need for teachers today and in the future. (HB) More

    pp. 60-61

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