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Educational Technology

1974 Volume 14, Number 6

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 10

  1. Introduction to Domain-Reference Testing

    Wells Hively

    An overview of the articles and definition of terms for the journal topic of domain reference testing. (HB) More

    pp. 5-10

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  2. Beyond Objectives: Domain-Referenced Tests for Evaluation and Instructional Improvement

    Eva L. Baker

    pp. 10-16

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  3. Sampling Plans for Domain-Referenced Tests

    Jason Millman

    A discussion of an efficient assignment plan for the domain-referenced testing program to govern how examinees encounter the items. (Author) More

    pp. 17-21

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  4. Test-Item Domains and Instructional Accountability

    Donald B. Sension & George Rabehl

    A discussion of the role of domain-referenced testing in educational accountability. (HB) More

    pp. 22-8

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  5. Content, Items, Decisions: Orienting Curriculum-Assessment Surveys to Curriculum Management and Modification

    Donald M. Miller

    pp. 29-35

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  6. Teacher Evaluation and Domain-Referenced Measurement

    W James Popham

    A discussion of accountability of teacher performance using domain-referenced tests. (HB) More

    pp. 35-7

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  7. Planning for Evaluation in Performance Contracting Experiments: The Connection to Domain-Referenced Testing Theory

    Guilbert C. Hentschke & Donald M. Levine

    pp. 38-43

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  8. Program and Product Evaluation from a Domain-Referenced Viewpoint

    Thomas J. Johnston

    Article focuses attention on some of the more important factors to be considered in evaluating educational products and programs within the domain-referenced framework. (Author) More

    pp. 43-8

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  9. Using Domain-Referenced Tests for Student Placement, Diagnosis, and Attainment in a System of Adaptive, Individualized Instruction

    Anthony J. Nitko & Tse-Chi Hsu

    pp. 48-54

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  10. Tracking Behavioral Growth: Day -to -Day Measures of Frequency Over Domains of Performance

    Ann Dell Duncan

    pp. 54-9

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