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Educational Technology

1974 Volume 14, Number 12

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 10

  1. Both Structure and Open-Endedness: Why Either/Or?

    Ruth Grassman

    A discussion of whether learning should be structured or open-ended. (HB) More

    pp. 7-10

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  2. Measuring Teacher Responses to Instructional Materials

    Glenn Latham

    pp. 11-15

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  3. Why is Computer-Related Learning So Successful?

    Frederick H. Bell

    Article suggests several reasons for the successful use of computers to augment learning and offers some principles and procedures for catalyzing creativity in computer-related learning... More

    pp. 15-18

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  4. The Role of the Response Leader in Developing Teacher-Prepared Research in Educational Technology

    Howard P. Alvir

    pp. 19-22

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  5. Is There Really a Difference Between Criterion-Referenced and Norm-Referenced Measurements?

    Thomas H. Greco

    pp. 22-25

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  6. A Guide to the Appraisal of Instructional Materials

    Frank B. Penta

    pp. 31-32

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  7. Revitalizing Inservice Training for Change

    Gary Houmes

    pp. 33-34

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  8. Appropriate Use of the Computer for Instructional Purposes

    Ronald L. Lien

    pp. 35-39

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  9. The Coming "Broadcast" Satellites: Where They Should and Should Not Be Used in Delivering Educational Services

    Howard Hupe

    pp. 40-43

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  10. The Electronic Calculator: A New Trend in School Mathematics

    Leonard Etlinger

    pp. 43-45

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