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Educational Technology

1972 Volume 12, Number 8

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 16

  1. Teacher and Technology-As-Media or Technology-As-System: Implications of "To Improve Learning" for Teacher Training

    Philip W. Tiemann & Susan M. Markle

    pp. 7-10

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  2. Models of Individualized Instruction: The Search for a Measure

    Robert G. Packard

    pp. 11-14

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  3. Up the Programmer: How to Stop PI From Boring Learners and Strangling Results

    Dudley Post

    A critical look at programed instruction, which the author suggests is being held back by a needlessly narrow theory.'' (Author/AK) More

    pp. 14-17

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  4. Using Behavioral Objectives Menus in the "Survey" Course

    Joy Rogers

    pp. 17-19

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  5. Differentiated Staffing as a Component in a Systematic Change Process

    Clinton E. Boutwell

    pp. 20-24

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  6. The Systems Approach as an Administrative and Program Planning Tool for Continuing Education

    Carroll A. Londoner

    pp. 24-31

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  7. Keeping Track: A Recording System for Individualization

    Jon I. Young & Lyle E. Holder

    pp. 31-33

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  8. An Evolving Theory of Instruction

    Francis J. Di Vesta

    pp. 34-39

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  9. Innovation in Education: Needed--A New Professional

    J D. Raulerson

    pp. 40-41

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  10. Analysis Approaches in Instructional Design

    James L. Sherrill

    pp. 42-45

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  11. Computer Assisted Instruction in Reading: Grades 4-6

    J D. Fletcher & P Suppes

    pp. 45-49

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  12. The Involvement Matrix: A Prelude to Effective Systems Design

    Harry C. Springer & Frederick T. Giles

    pp. 49-51

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  13. Television in Remedial Education

    Peter Turner & Sean Walmsley

    pp. 51-53

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  14. Architecture and Human Behavior: Toward Increased Understanding of a Functional Relationship

    Steven M. Zifferblatt

    pp. 54-57

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  15. Estimates of Teaching-Learning Time

    Frank C. Pratzner

    pp. 58-62

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  16. A Systematic Approach to Learning Resource Center Design

    Douglas E. Hansen

    pp. 63-64

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