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Educational Technology

1972 Volume 12, Number 6

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 15

  1. Differentiated Staffing for Program Development: An In-Depth Look at an Incentive Model

    Philip G. Kapfer & Miriam B. Kapfer

    pp. 9-13

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  2. The Joint United States-India Educational Broadcast Satellite Experiment

    Kenneth A. Polcyn

    pp. 14-17

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  3. Technology in Reading Instruction

    John F. Savage

    pp. 18-20

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  4. The Generalist-Vanishing Instructional Developer

    J Warren Anderson

    pp. 21-0

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  5. A New Model for Psychological Services in Educational Systems

    Walter S. Lee

    pp. 22-24

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  6. Some Basic Concepts of Educational Information Systems

    pp. 25-26

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  7. Recommendations Regarding Performance Contracting

    Bill Baker

    pp. 27-28

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  8. Behavioral Descriptors as a Means for More Effective Media Selection and Utilization

    Thomas C. Wilson

    pp. 28-29

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  9. Specifying Behavioral Objectives

    Roy A. Moxley

    pp. 30-35

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  10. Technology or Printed Media: Separate Areas of Interest

    Winston Eshleman

    A description of a study designed to compare the professional interests of librarians and audiovisual directors. (AK) More

    pp. 36-37

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  11. ETV Has Arrived--At Least in Some Places

    Jack B. Spatafora

    pp. 38-39

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  12. Media Messages on Their Own Terms

    Danny G. Langdon

    pp. 39-42

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  13. Describing Decision Settings in Education

    Phillip Ward & Robert A. Lehman

    pp. 43-45

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  14. Written Composition and the Computer

    John Risken

    pp. 46-51

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  15. Direct Measurement of Collegiate Teaching Effectiveness

    J Marvin Cook

    pp. 51-54

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