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Educational Technology

1972 Volume 12, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 16

  1. Many Roads May Lead to Individualization

    Robert B. Davis & Loye Y. Hollis

    A brief look at the theoretical basis for individualizing instruction and at some possible approaches to individualization. (AK) More

    pp. 5-7

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  2. Children's Knowledge and Individualized Instruction

    Herbert Ginsburg

    The author discusses what he considers a defect in individualized programs -- a lack of assessment of a child's knowledge. (AK) More

    pp. 8-12

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  3. Individualization of Instruction in Mathematics -- What Is It?

    M Vere DeVault & Harold Jung

    pp. 12-14

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  4. Individualized Mathematics Programs in Elementary Schools

    Lyn McLane

    pp. 15-20

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  5. IPI: A Program for In dividualizing Elementary Mathematics Instruction

    Alice hosticka

    pp. 20-23

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  6. The LAP -- A Feasible Vehicle of Individualization

    Sally M. Cardarelli

    pp. 23-29

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  7. Individualizing Mathematics Learning Through the Math Lab

    Bernard M. Kessler

    pp. 30-32

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  8. An Account of Individualizing an Upper Elementary Math Program and Implementing a Math Lab

    Opal Wong

    pp. 32-34

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  9. Record Keeping in a Mat h Lab

    Charles wilbur

    pp. 34-36

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  10. Individualizing Occurs When Thinking Becomes Visible

    Rose Grossman

    pp. 36-39

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  11. LOGO -- A Programming Language for Teaching Mathematics

    Wallace Feurzeig & George Lukas

    pp. 39-46

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  12. Individualizing Instruction in Elementary School Mathematics: Preparing the Teacher for the Task

    Joseph R. Hooten & Michael L. Mahaffey

    pp. 46-47

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  13. Personalizing Mathema tics Teacher Preparation

    W Robert Houston & Loye Y. Hollis

    pp. 48-50

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  14. Individualized Instruction -- Some Observations from the Ivory Tower

    J A. Easley & Klaus G. Witz

    pp. 50-52

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  15. Is Individualization the Answer?

    Eugene D. Nichols

    pp. 52-58

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  16. Where Is All of This Leading Us?

    Robert B. Davis

    The author discusses the purpose of and the psychological foundations for individualizing instruction. (AK) More

    pp. 58-59

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